Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snow is Coming!!!

I guess we are going to get hit with another 2-4 inches of snow late tonight and into tomorrow here in Kansas City and then another round of snow on Monday. I can't remember getting this much snow since I was in grade school!!! Too bad I don't still have snow days. Sounds like this will be a great weekend to stay in and do something creative.

Go on over and check out the awesome blog of Bed of Roses MQ. She just recently posted her 100th post and is having a great give-away. Her blog is very entertaining and I love her photos.

Hopefully I can get something completed and posted this weekend before the Super Bowl starts!!! TGIF is nearly here!!!



  1. I have cousins in the Odessa area. Did you ever hear of Updike's Lake? That was my Uncle Larry's farm and I used to spend time there in the summer. Hope you don't get to much snow and you are able to get some sewing done for the Super Bowl.

  2. Anita---I have been shopping in Odessa but I'm not familiar with Updike's Lake. I'm actually a Kansas City transplant--grew up in a town of about 300 people in SE Kansas and moved up here about 4 years ago. Thanks so much for the comment---yours is my first!!!