Saturday, February 13, 2010

2010 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies

Just a quick post to say how much I enjoyed watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. I really liked watching all the athletes enter the stadium and thought the knitted hats, mittens and scarves were especially awesome. My favorite hat had to be the one worn by Team USA. I immediately googled and found it on the Ralph Lauren website for anyone who happens to have a mere $75 lying around---however, I just checked the Ralph Lauren site again and it is already sold out! Here is a picture of the hat---isn't it great?!?!?!?!

I also thought the necklace that Sarah McLachlan was wearing was absolutely gorgeous and she looked great as well. I was unable to locate a picture of her wearing it online but hopefully someone will post a pic so see if you can find it and take a look. Better get to bed as I have tons to do tomorrow as long as the weather cooperates. Later!



  1. Thanks for stopping by at my blog and leaving me a comment which leads me to your blog.

    Can't watch the Olympics as it's over midnight here when games begins, really a pity as the Dutch won the Speed Skating yesterday.

  2. It is a very desirable hat but so expensive. I've watched bits of the games so far, that Ski Cross was terrifying.

  3. Hi Tracy
    You'll just have to knit your own hat! I'll bet there's already a free pattern out there somewhere!

    I thought I'd just say I'd stopped by your blog. I'm new to blogging too and thinks its so nice when people leave a little comment.